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Maxon Doors, a leading Skin and Panel Doors Manufacture in Bangalore, started its operations in Pune in 2007. Maxon is providing an impeccable range of products with the help of advanced technology and the latest machinery.
Maxon Premium Composite Doors is a Bangalore-based company, which manufactures and distributes high-quality doors. With expertise in manufacturing and supplying all kinds of doors, we are one of the leading entities in the market today. The company’s specialization lies in skin and panel doors with unique designs, high durability and the ability to resist wear and tear.
Maxon Doors is the leading company for Skin and Panel Doors Manufactured in Bangalore. Our products are designed and manufactured at state-of-the-art facilities by our professionals who adhere to strict quality controls. Our customers are all over India and have a wide range of requirements – From small bathrooms to large commercial units, our doors
meet them all with style and affordability.
For the real wood doors, no veneer is applied to them and natural wood is used. The skin doors are created with a wooden board called a door skin which is glued to the core which is particle board or plywood.

Advantages of using Skin and Panel Doors
1. With their construction, the grain of the wood used makes it easy to clean and maintain giving the door an attractive look.
2. They have stability and hence can be painted using any paint.
3. It is easy to repair them since they are not made of solid wood.
4. They are affordable and hence give you value for your money.

Panel doors, are made of a series of stiles and rails which constitute a frame on which you have panels inserted. However, if you choose to have panel skin doors, then you will have both frames as well as panels inserted which consists of glass, wood or other materials. This choice depends on your preference in design and style.

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