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We are one of the leading rope tension load cell manufacturers and suppliers in India. Our customers are present all over India because we are the leading load cell manufacturers and suppliers. If you need a specific design of rope tension load cell for measurement, meet with our design engineers to get a suitable required product design. After discussion, our engineers take the correct decision about a load cell manufacturing product design. We are one of the expert industries in making all types of quality load cell manufacturers.

These load cell measuring devices have either a digital display that is directly connected to the main unit, or they might have a remote controlling display in hand. The measurement readings will take clear and easy for calculations.

In terms of the ability of rope tension load cells to withstand wear, pressure, or damage etc. It is not only the roughness of the material which are relevant, the design of rope tension load cells can also include a level of waterproofing, particularly component damage when exposed to moisture.

Load cells measures weight, tension and both tension & weight.

  1. When measures weight which makes suitable for measuring heavy loads such as bridge cables.
  2. When measures tension which makes suitable for measuring the weight of small objects.
  3. When measures both tension and weight which makes it suitable for measuring ropes or cables.

Rope tension load cells are utilized in cranes, lifts, and other lifting gadgets. These load cells are capable of measuring the force of the load in the rope or cable. Rope tension load cells usually measure the tensile force in a rope. It can be designed for any type of lifting device. They range in size depending upon the application they will be utilized for.


We are at the top of all types of rope tension load cells suppliers in Bangalore. We manufacture load cells what exactly customers are expecting. So, if you are looking for load cells get started with us for better products and services.

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